Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Running and Rockets

Today in Israel, we had a drill today.  A siren would sound once in the afternoon and once in the evening to prepare us in case the terrorists in Lebanon, Syria, Iran or Gaza decide to fire rockets at us again.  Where we live, we have about 90 seconds to reach shelter.
For the evening siren, I was out running when it occurred.  I knew it was coming, but still once you hear the wail, your heart skips a beat.  Back in November, when the terrorists from Gaza were firing rockets every day, I was never out on a run during a siren.  
I kept thinking where would I go to protect myself.  There were some tunnels I could head in.  I could lie down next to a parked car.  I could make it to the library or the mall.  Hopefully, we won’t hear the real thing anytime soon.
The siren ended after a few minutes and I continued on my run. I did about 5 miles to bring me up to 90.7 miles for the month of May.

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