Friday, May 10, 2013

Caffeine Jitters

I have been off of caffeine since the middle of December.  It has been great.  There have been a few days since then I have a cup or two of regular coffee.  Nothing too much that I am addicted to it again, but just enough to give me a pick me up when I need it.

Today was one of those days.  My allergies were acting up.  I was sneezing and I felt tired most of the day.  I decided to make one cup of coffee to get me through the afternoon.  We didn’t have any spoons near were the instant coffee was and I estimated how much to pour.  I think I over estimated.  I was jittery the entire afternoon and on the bus ride home, my leg would not stop shaking.

Caffeine has one big effect me on.  It makes me hungry.  Usually, I can handle the hunger until I get home from work and have a snack, but today, I was starving.  When I got home, I had an apple, peanut butter sandwich, some watermelon and then I ate my banana bread topped with chocolate chips before my run.

My run was ok. I kept thinking I was going to crash and burn and not be able to finish it.  It has happened before when I have felt like this. Not this time, I ran through it and completed my 4 miles. 

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