Friday, May 17, 2013

The Overweight Kid and the Scooter

I was out on my run last night and near the big park in the city, I passed a group of teenagers doing teenage things, with their bikes, skateboards and video camera.  However, one kid I passed was a bit overweight and had a motorized scooter. It was not the kind you use when you are handicap.  It look like a normal scooter with a seat built into it.  Something he had to avoid walking.

I saw him get off and hang out with his friends. I couldn’t believe how lazy some kids have gotten. Instead of his parents teaching him to exercise and eat right, they gave in and provided with transportation to make it easier to get around.  They could have helped to lose his weight.  What is going to happen in 10 years when he is in his mid 20’s and even more overweight? It was sad that parents would do this to their kids. 

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