Friday, October 12, 2012

1000 Miles and 250 days

Out of curiosity, I checked my running log for year to date stats.  At the end of September, I am up to 668.4 miles on 173 days running.  I have decided to give myself another challenge to keep the end of the year interesting.  I am going to attempt to run 1000 miles on 250 days by the end of the year.
To do this, I will need to average 111 miles on 26 days.   This will be challenging because the most I have ran in one month was 100.7 miles and 21 days.  On the other hand, it should not be too difficult since if I average 4 miles a day for 26 days that is 104 miles.  This means only an extra 7 mile that I can add at any time.  7 runs of 5 miles, 3 runs of 6 and 1 run of 5, etc…
How are your year to date totals coming along and what are you goals for the year?

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