Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I despise cheaters.  I think they are lazy lowlifes who simply can’t measure up to those of us who are honest.  We are better than them and they know it.  Since they can’t compete on our level, they compensate for their lack of character by cheating. 

Here is a story from Runners World about an amateur racer who used performance enhancing drugs to win numerous races and collect prize money. To make it even worse, the fact that in one of his races, he stopped right before the finish line and did five pushups before crossing, he looks like a showboat.  What a jackass.

I will never understand why cheaters think they won’t get caught.  I guess when money is involved people think the reward is worth the risk.  I have always been the kind of person who wants to earn everything in the most honest way possible.  I want every second I shave off my time, every mile I run, every dollar I earn to be because of my hard work  and not because I cheated to get there. 
In recent months, my five mile run times have decreased from 55 minutes down to 42 minutes.  I earned this.  I did this by working hard and eating right. I had nothing external to assist me.  How could I ever look my kids or wife in the eye if I cheated?  

An important lesson my dad taught me when I was younger was that your reputation follows you everywhere. 

Have you ever cheated or had the opportunity to cheat, but chose not to?  Feel free to comment anonymously.

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