Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I Ran 84 miles Last Month But...

Around the beginning of the month if you scour any fitness related message boards, you will see posts from the community summing up their mileage for the previous month.  People will start checking in posting their totals; 80miles, 100 miles, 75 miles, 250 miles, etc…

Right after the huge number, the tone of the messages will change.  All of sudden they will start to say 45 miles, but I was coming back from an injury. 70 miles, but this was an off month.  30 miles, but it was my first month running.  It is almost like we all of a sudden we think we are a lesser runner because someone ran two to three times the amount we did.

We should be proud of our monthly totals because they are our monthly totals.  We should not compare ourselves to other runners.  Just because someone ran a whole lot more than you can imagine yourself running should not lessen your achievements that month.

There are many factors that will affect your mileage for the month; family life, job, schedule, weather, training, fitness level, age and ability. t took a lot to get out each of the days in the month.  Remember for the next time, I ran 84 miles and I earned every mile.

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