Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Here are some updates on a few things I have mentioned in previous posts.

1.       My running schedule – I changed my running days to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings along with Saturday and Sunday morning runs.  Sticking to my motto of being flexible, this schedule only lasted about two weeks.  Instead, I get out whenever I can; having three young children in the house means that you never know what the next day will have in store for you.  Sometimes I have been able to run seven days a week, and other times I have taken off three days in a row.  I’m focusing more on total miles and total days running per month.

2.       Half Marathon training – I have decided to not actually train for a half marathon, but if I wind up prepared for one, I will run it.  The whole point of Running Without a Watch is running free.  I do not like the feeling of having to run a certain distance at any one time. I have extended my long run to 7 miles and plan on increasing this gradually. I know mentally for me to run a half marathon, I need to make it to 15 miles.  I still have over 20 weeks to go, so we will see. 
3.       Running in two pairs of shoes – So far this one is working out nicely.  My feet feel great and so do my knees.
4.       I finally took down my food processor and set it up. Let’s hope it will not take another two and half years before I actually use it. I also have gotten more relaxed with my baking and cooking.  I can whip up my granola and banana bread in no time.  I still haven’t made my homemade pasta, but it is on my to-do list. 

It is great to have plans and goals, just don’t forget to check on them regularly and make necessary adjustments.

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