Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Less is More

Here is another article from the New York times regarding diet verse exercise.  It is a follow up to another article I talked about a few weeks ago here.  This article is about a study from the University of Copenhagen.  They divided participants into three group.  One group made no change to their diet or exercise routine.  The second group worked out for only 30 minutes and the last group worked out for 60 minutes.  The result of the study was surprising.  The group who worked out for 30 minutes lost more weight than the group or worked out for 60 minutes.

The biggest factor that contributing to the results was the fact that the group who worked out for 30 minutes were more active during the rest of the day.  The group who worked out for 60 minutes may have been fatigued and spent many parts of the rest of the day not being active. 

This is important because too many people who are new to weight loss and diet try too much too soon.  It is a lot better to go out for a short run each day or take a walk and still be active the rest of the day, rather than have one hard workout and be too tired to accomplish anything else. 

How active are you during the day besides the times you are working out?

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