Wednesday, February 13, 2013

9 MIles. Check.

I ran 9 miles the other night. I still cannot believe that I went that far.  I did not mean to.  It was one of those runs where everything felt great and so I kept going.   I have a 10k race coming up early next month that I know is on a hilly course.  I wanted to include more hills into my run to help prepare. 

I started out planning on doing 5-7 miles depending on how I was feeling after the first hill.  I felt great!!  I decided to go for it.  This was the longest run I have ever completed. I once completed 9 miles on a treadmill, but the last 1.5 miles was by walking as I was finishing a movie after my run.  This was the first time I have run 9 miles.  

A funny thing happens when you are out running that far.  You start to really get into your run. I swear I was singing out loud the last 2 miles.  I was listening to my oldies mix and felt great.  It was wonderful. 

10 miles you are next!!!  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday this year.

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