Monday, February 18, 2013

Dog $hit

An interesting thing happened on my 9 mile run last week.  About 4 miles in, I was running and I hear a squish. I was thinking OH NO!!!  Dog $hit.  I am very careful about scanning the sidewalks as I run and sometimes I have to do the dog $hit hurdles, but I have never stepped in the stuff. Not once in over my 12 years of running.  

I stopped and looked down.  I could not see what I stepped in.  I looked closer and found the culprit. It was hiding perfectly in the shadows of a tree that I missed at night.  I quickly scraped my shoe against the curb.  Then I ran through some gravel dragging my feet a little to get the little bits that were stuck. It worked for the most part. When I finished my run, there was a little bit left that I quickly scraped off with a stick.  

Have you ever stepped in dog $hit on your run?

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