Monday, February 04, 2013

January Stats

I knew I was not going to reach my goal of 21 days when I did not run on Sunday.  It was too crazy with my schedule for me to get out there.  I still had a chance to make it to 20 days and 80 miles this month.  This would have been the 8th month in a row with at least 20 days running and 7th with at least 80 miles.  I fell short of both. I finished January with 78 miles over 19 days.  

Part of the reason I feel short was twofold. This month, we had a lot of rain.  There was a period of 4 straight days where it poured and I could not get out there.  The other was my usual reason; spending time with my wife or just relaxing.  It is actually kind of freeing to end both of these streaks.  I was putting a little too much pressure on myself.  My main goal is to have running a part of my life and not my life.

February has been my Achilles heel the past two years. I always seem to get injured.  Maybe it’s the cold, maybe it is when my shoes start to go bad or maybe it is just bad luck. I have a 10k race in early march that I am training for. I am hoping to get out there for at least one or two runs of 7 or 8 miles and 2 runs of 6.  My goal for the month is 20 days and 80 miles.

How was your January?

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