Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Who Cares What People Think

In the February issue of Runners world, there is a question in the Ask Miles section.  Someone wanted to know at what mileage they can wear a fuelbelt without being laughed at.  I say get over this.  Who really cares what someone thinks of you when you are out running.  

First of all most people will not know how far you just ran or how far you are planning on going unless you are doing a race.  Second, runners can be a little self-centered.  I know I can be when I am out on a run; I am usually focusing on myself.

I used to use a fuel belt and I would go out for 3-6 miles.  It was great.  I enjoyed running hands free.  Now I use a handheld bottle.  I enjoy this more.  I wear what I want and I when I go to my race this spring, I will be wearing what I have practiced in. 

If wearing short shorts, tube socks with a camelback for water will get you out of the house, I say go for it.

Be yourself.

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