Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The 10 Minute Rule

I have a friend who is training for the same race I am running in March.  She was asking me, how I get through the first part of my run.  She was complaining about shin splits and low motivation. I told her to get out there slowly and warm up.  I said there was nothing with walking, especially to warm up for the run.  I then told her of a tip I read somewhere.  I go for my run and after 10 minutes, if I do not feel like continuing, stop.  I have yet to stop. 

I also told her just to get out there a few days this week.  She needs to keep her motivation up.  The hardest part of any run is the start.  After running a few days in a week  and then a few weeks of running, it will start to feel more like it is part of your lifestyle.

What do you think?

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