Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Inconvenient Dinner

One of the main reasons I have stayed away from races is that I am forced to run a certain amount of miles at a certain time.  I like my laid back running schedule.  I run far when I want to depending on how I feel that day or during my run.  This way I can adjust my running schedule depending on what the day has planned for me.

I just found out the day before my race in March, we are having a work event.  This means I need to go to a different office, which is about 2 hours away.  We are also going out to dinner that night as a group.  My plans the night before my race was to have a nice healthy dinner with foods I am used to and to get bed at a decent hour.

Now, I need to have a 2 hour commute back home after eating a greasy meal at a restaurant with food I do not eat on a regular basis.  Well see how this will impact me.

Has anyone run into a similar situation?

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