Thursday, February 07, 2013

Do You Believe in Uphill Magic

Uphill running, either you love it or you hate.  I am the former.  I love hills. I especially love running uphill.  Going uphill can either make or break your run. I conquer hills as if they were nothing.  There have been many times I have been passed when out for a run by a fellow runner.  I always know, I will be able to get them on the next hill.  Sure enough, I fly past them leaving them in my dust. 

The trick is a tip my father told me.  He said to take little steps almost like baby steps when you are going up.  Amazingly this works.  I did this during my run Saturday night when I was out for 7 miles on a hilly route.  I felt good and my long run turned out to be a long and fast run at the same time.  I knew it was going to be good, when I conquered each of the hills fearlessly.  Sure enough, I took these baby steps and came to the top of the hill without feeling like I exerted all my energy. I maintained my fast pace and finished the run feeling great.

What is your secret to running hills?

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