Friday, January 18, 2013

Being in Shape has its Benefits

During my journey, one of my reasons for losing weight and keeping it off was so I could be an active father.  I enjoy picking up the kids and running around or having them chase me. They have so much fun. 

The past week, I was taking my oldest son to the library for story time.  We got downstairs and started waiting for the bus.  The bus never showed. I thought we had missed it.  We started to walk to the other bus stop to see if we can pick it up there.  We are lucky, we live near the first stop on the route, and it takes 10 minutes to go around the development we live in.  Instead if we take 3 minutes and walk down the street, we can catch the bus before it turns towards the city. 

As we got the other stop, I noticed other people waiting. This means we did not miss it.  We waited a few more minutes and still no bus. I asked him if he wanted to walk and he said yes.  I put him on my shoulders and we walked the mile uphill to the library.  We even made it with 5 minutes to spare. 

When I was 50 pounds heavier there was no way I could have done this.

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