Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Breakfast. Yes Or No?

I just read this item on yahoo by menshealth that seems to be an advertisement for the authors book rather than an informative article.  This guy says how a 16 hour fast is great for your body. No Breakfast.  Forget that breakfast is the most important part of the day.
I know for a fact that eating breakfast keeps me from over eating during the day.  I have my bowl of cereal in the morning to keep me full until I have a mid-morning snack.  If I do not eat breakfast, I cannot think, I cannot concentrate and I start to get very hungry.
I also do not believe in working out without anything in my system.  When I was exercising in the morning, I used to eat a banana before going for a run. Then I would come back, shower and get dressed.  Afterwards, I would sit down for breakfast.
This article just strikes me as another gimmick diet that will appeal to the person who is overweight and always running late.

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