Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Running in the Sunshine

This past weekend we had amazing weather.  On Saturday it was 75 and sunny.  Not a cloud in the sky.  The way my running schedule was shaping up, I had planned to do a 7 mile run on this day.  I was planning on heading out after the kids went to bed like I did last weekend.  

Instead after we came inside from being out at the playground, my wife asked me if now would be a good time to go running.  The baby was down for a nap and my boys were watching Curious George calming down from the adventures at the playground.  I went for it. I told her when I would be back and got changed.

Ahh, running in the sun.  It felt so good.  I cannot remember when I last got out there with just shorts and a t-shirt.  The run was not my best run.  I guess I either did not drink enough during the day or lunch was not fully digested.  I went slowly. I put on a nice long mix on the IPOD and decided to make it a nice long slow run.   

The first half was with the sun shining directly on me.  There were times I wanted to cut it short and just do 4, 5, or 6 miles.  I finally felt warmed up after 5.5 miles.  I finished my 7 miles and feel good.

I cannot wait for spring. 

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