Tuesday, January 01, 2013

December Stats

For the month of December, I ran 83.9 miles over 21 days.  My goals for the month were to run 85 miles over 20 days.  I  reached the day goal but fell short of the total mileage goal for the month.  December started slow;  I ran 6 days out of the first 11 days.  This was due to a combination of rain, cold and laziness. 

Once the weather got cleared up and I got acclimated to running in the cold, I found it easier to get back out there.  I finished the month running 15 of the final 20 days.  I also planned to have two long runs of 6 and 7 miles.  I made out twice for 6 miles run.  No 7 miler during this month.

My goals for January are 90 miles over 22 days and one long run of 7 miles.

How was your December and what do you have planned for January? 

Stay tuned for tomorrow for my 2012 year recap, plus my outlook for 2013.

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