Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Enjoy Yourself

Recently at work we did a team building day.  Rather than go into the office, we toured the city in and then went out to eat.  As you all can imagine, when a group goes out, especially a group of co-workers, the most important decision is where to eat.  Luckily, we started discussing restaurants a few days before, so I had an idea of the type of food we were going to eat.   

The issue was not the food, but the type of food.  I have not eaten white bread, regular potatoes or a dessert in a long time.  I am all for treating and enjoying yourself when you go out to eat.  I especially like ordering meals that I do not make at home.   I had onion soup for an appetizer with a half of a loaf of bread.  Next, for my main dish, I got grilled chicken that was served with french fries.   One of my colleagues ordered a baked potato with his dish that he did not want.  Since it was plain, I had that too.  For dessert, I got some kind of chocolate soufflé with ice cream on the side.  

The food was delicious and I have no regrets about indulging a bit.  The last time was a about two months ago at another team function.  I stand by my word…as long as they are the exception and not the rule, there is nothing wrong with going out to eat.


  1. Hi there! First I must say, I couldn't agree more. Good for you. I found your blog through MFP. I actually just started blogging yesterday and was looking around for other members that blog. I hope you don't mind if I keep up with your blog and stop by every now and again. Lisa

  2. Welcome Lisa!!!

    Feel free to stop by and leave comments as well.

    Best of Luck to you.