Thursday, January 03, 2013

Letter From my Wife

My wife wanted to share some thoughts with our upcoming anniversary approaching.  I would not have been as successful with Running Without A Watch if she was not board.  Thank you and I love you.

Dear Jay,

With our anniversary approaching I took a few quiet minutes the other day to look through our wedding album.  I can’t believe how young we look, like kids really.  Although you were at the heaviest weight of your life, I was so smitten that I never realized you were overweight.  It wasn’t until you dropped about 35 pounds that I even noticed how different you looked!  

We ate out a lot, but of course that’s what you do when you’re dating.  And although we didn’t keep a lot of junk food in the house, we didn’t exactly eat healthy.  Portions were way to big, processed food was in abundance in the freezer, and there were barely any fruits and vegetables in the crisper. 
Well times have certainly changed.  You have made yourself very comfortable in the kitchen, always chopping, cooking, and baking delicious favorites, or trying out a new recipe for the first time.  You have made cooking fun for our kids, and even inspired me to try my hand at some easy dishes (something we both never believed would happen!)

And although you have enjoyed running since before we even met, you have really come into your own during this past year of Running Without a Watch.  I truly admire your passion and dedication to your daily blogs.  By sharing your personal journey toward a healthier way of living, you are not only helping others to make positive changes, but have helped yourself to reach an inner peace that you might not have otherwise found.  Looking forward to the next chapter. 
Your Loving wife and biggest fan

How supportive is your spouse or significant other during your journey?

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