Monday, July 23, 2012

100 Miles or Bust

I have been looking at my training log for this month and I noticed there is a chance to make it to 100 miles.  I am up to 59 miles with 9 days left in the month.  100 miles in a month has been a goal of mine this past year.  My original plan has been to run the next 9 days and take off the 31st.  We are having family come stay with us who will be arriving the evening on the 30th.  When I was mapping out my schedule, I realized I will be at 96 miles on the 30th if I make it out every day.  I am contemplating just getting out there on the 31st for a 4 mile run to make it an even 100. 

Today I was trying to get out there and do 5 miles, but my legs were starting to feel tired.  I really wanted to push it and finish 5 miles.  I have in my head the amount of miles to run this week to make it there.  Then I took a step back and remembered what Running Without a Watch is all about.  It is about just getting out there.  Not focusing on whether I should do 3, 4 or 5 miles.  Not worrying about whether I am running 8 minute, 9 minute, or 10 minute miles.  

I think this is the reason I do not race.  I cannot handle the pressure of feeling like I need to do a certain amount of mileage on a day when maybe my body is telling me to go less.  

Do you put unnecessary pressure on yourself to run a certain amount of miles each day, each week or each month?

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