Monday, July 09, 2012

Can I go Running Daddy?

The other night I was taking my older son outside to the park.  I made a comment about how it is so nice out at this time of the day now that the sun has started to go down.  This is the time of day that Daddy likes to go running.  He then asked me, “Can we go running now?” The question caught me by surprise and I said “Not tonight, but when you get older we can.”

He is almost five.  I was thinking of taking him out for a ¼ mile fun run to see how he likes it.  For him, the thrill is being with Daddy; doing one of Daddy’s favorite activities.  I want him to grow up knowing how important physical activity is to your health.  I just do not want to burn him out at such a young age. 

What do you think?  How young is too young to start running?  How far is too far?


  1. My son is 3 years old and he has jogged a 1/3 of mile before. He might have stopped to walk for a sec here and there but overall he did do 1/3 of mile. It wasnt planned and I was just pushing my other boy in the stroller. I couldnt believe he did it tbh. If he was to go play any sport, he would be running all the time. I think its a geat idea because your boy will 1) get to spend time with Dad, 2) does something you plan on doing anyways, and 3) will tire himself out so he gets a good nights sleep! Theres tons of reasons but some good father/son time doesnt hurt. I know I enjoy it (when they behave). lol

  2. That is wonderful!! I have a 1/4 mile route that leads to a playground near where we live. I will have to try that with him. Your reasons are right on the money, especially number 1.