Thursday, July 19, 2012

Homemade Baked Goodies

One of the tools that I have incorporated into my health plan is baking goods from scratch.  During the past 10 months of Running Without A Watch I have baked numerous items including, whole wheat bread, bagels, pizza dough, pancakes, pita, challah, granola, and banana bread.

Baking some of these items have become second nature and are made every week or two; pancakes, granola, pizza dough, and banana bread.  Others were more time consuming and will be made every once in a while; whole wheat bread and challah. 

I started a goal of trying to bake one new item each month.  While I did not succeed each month, it was something that I strive to accomplish.  One item on my list that I hope to make during the next 10 months is homemade pasta. 

What are some items that you have baked from scratch that turned out easier/harder than you expected?

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