Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Confessions of a Runner’s Wife

This is a guest post by my wife.  I wanted her to give a spouse’s perspective when married to a runner.

Confessions of a Runner’s Wife

DO recognize that running is an essential part of his life.

DON’T hesitate to ask him to take a night or two off for some much needed quality time together.

DO eat his delicious pre-run banana bread stored in the freezer; it’s a tasty and filling snack for a mom on the move.

DON’T tune him out when he talks about miles and minutes for the millionth time, even after a long day taking care of three small children.

DO make good use of his energy when he returns from a great run; it is the best time to ask him to do chores and other tasks around the house.

DON’T forget to congratulate him on smart decisions like cutting a run short when it is exceptionally hot or taking the night off to rest a sore knee.

DO show him that you are his biggest fan when it comes to running, as well as every other aspect of his life.

How does your spouse view your running?

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