Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keep it to Yourself

When you are embarking on lifestyle changes, it is best to keep it to yourself at first.  If you start sharing, posting, or tweeting about the foods you now eat or don’t eat anymore, be prepared to receive responses that you were not expecting.

People have the tendency to feel your choices are a personal attack on their own choices.  Remember the old saying misery loves company.  It’s almost as if they are saying I am fat and out of shape and you should be too.  If you feel the urge to share or look for support, I suggest using a message board.  For running, you can try, for weight loss try

This is especially true the farther you move away from the social norm.  When I stopped drinking coffee for a few weeks, people would always make comments to me about it.  They could not understand why I would not drink coffee.

What type of changes have you made to your diet that caused unexpected reactions?

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