Monday, July 16, 2012

Running with my Son

I decided this past weekend to try to run with my 4 year old son.  It wasn’t anything formal, just a way to test the waters.

We were at the playground and I could see it was time to change activities.  So I asked him, “Do you want to go for a run?”  He was very excited.  We started to run laps around the playground and on the second lap, I scooped up his little brother and place him on my shoulders. 

My older son then decided that we were catching up to him, so he hopped on his little riding car, rode it to the end of the playground, parked it at a fence, got up and continued on his run.   It seemed to work for that guy in the London Marathon.  

All in all, it was a success.  He had a lot of fun.  He kept talking about his run when we got home.  This was a positive experience. 

Have you had any success in running with your children?

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