Friday, July 27, 2012

Ode to the Fanny Pack

When I go running, I take my wallet, bus pass, phone and keys with me.  Some days I also carry my sunglasses case depending on the time of day I head out.  Since I carry so much with me, I discovered an easy solution.  I found an old Fanny Pack in the closest and have been using it ever since.  

I keep my phone in the outer most pocket for easy access in case my wife calls while I am out running.  My wallet, bus pass and keys all fit in the middle pocket.  Last but not least, I place my sunglasses case in the inner most pocket.   

The Fanny Pack even provides a built-in incentive.  As I started to lose weight I got to make the fanny pack tighter to keep it from falling down! 

What do you use to carry all of your items when you run?

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