Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am sure most of you are like me and want to pass on healthy habits to your children.  Many of us have been overweight or out of shape at some point in our lives and do not want our kids to go through the struggles we did.

I feel I am doing a good job.  My kids know about my running and are looking forward to the day when they can join me.  They assist me in my stretching when I am done and they do their own mock stretches as well.   I have mentioned this previously in “Exercising and the mini you’s”.

But as many of have learned, exercise is only half the battle.  You also need to eat right and not stuff yourself with junk food day in and day out.  However, there is a fine balance between teaching your kids to eat healthy while not depriving them of foods they crave.   I covered this in “Monkey see, Monkey Do”.

Once a week when we go to the mall, they can have one cookie and maybe a small slurpee.  They are content.  They do not need five cookies each or the extra-large slurpee. We do not keep cookies or ice cream in the house and they never see me snacking on junk food.  I am usually snacking on a piece of fruit or vegetable. 

The funniest thing happened the other day.  My kids were eating their homemade popsicles and I was eating carrot sticks.  They both put down their popsicles and wanted carrots instead.  Also, when they decided to watch a video, they start asking for an apple.  

Children want to be like their parents.  If they see mom and dad sitting on the couch eating chips, drinking soda and watching T.V., they will want to also.  If they see you go running every day and snack on fruits and vegetables, they will as well.

Which healthy habits have you passed onto your children?   


  1. My oldest is only 3, so they really dont get the concept of food yet. Im just happy they eat. Now, he does at least say, "Daddy runs to get healty." While he says it, Im not sure he gets it. lol 100% agree with monkey see, monkey do.

    1. He may not "get" it, but he will grow up thinking that running to get healthy is normal. Keep up the good work.

  2. agreed that kids are a direct reflection of their parents. the parents should be the most influential role in their lives - and projecting a positive image is the right start. so if folks don't want to stay healthy for themselves, at least do it for your children. for those of us with multiple children, the younger one typically mimics the older child - so starting with the older child first is a great start to helping the younger one.

    1. Its a great feeling, when you can see you are passing on healthy habits to your kids.